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Artists of the Woodstock Art Colony: Rosella Hartman and Dorothy Varian

By Raymond J. Steiner

From time to time Learning Woodstock Art Colony will republish a selection of the profiles Raymond J. Steiner authored on artists of the Woodstock art colony. The first features pieces on Rosella Hartman and Dorothy Varian: "“The Beauty Within the Beast,” Kingston Daily Freeman, January 22, 1984, Lifestyle Section, pp. 16-17; "Profile: Dorothy Varian," Art Times, August 1989, pp. 3.

Cornelia Seckel (who in 1984 joined Ray in co-founding ART TIMES) has generously helped gather the various articles, and contributed the following on her late husband: "Raymond J. Steiner (1933-2019) essayist, poet, painter, and author, was an art critic/reviewer for ART TIMES, a literary journal he co-founded in 1984 and for which he served as Editor. Among his extensive writings he profiled approximately 100 American and European artists for ART TIMES and other publications. 'I chose to write about art and artists because of all professions the making of art — real art — is the least offensive thing mankind has turned its hand to so far.' Raymond wrote numerous times that each time he profiled an artist he learned about himself and that he believed learning and discovering oneself was the true way for attaining self-fulfillment."

The lecture on the historic Woodstock sculptors

scheduled for September 1st is postponed,

and will be rescheduled for a later date.

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