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Ernest Frazier:Visionary Strives to Reconcile Lyricism & Violence

An Article by Mikhail Horowitz

Over the course of nearly 20 years — 1980 to 1998, Mikkail Horowitz worked for two

Hudson Valley newspapers, the Daily Freeman (Kingston) and Woodstock

Times, as an editorial assistant with the former and as arts editor (“Cultural

Czar”) with the latter. He relates that when he " started at the Freeman, the paper

had no arts coverage to speak of; I was the first staffer to write regular reviews of

area exhibitions and profiles of area artists. The Woodstock Times, on the other

hand, took seriously (but not solemnly) its relationship to one of America’s most

famous arts colonies and had no dearth of writers writing about the arts. It was

my great good fortune to add my voice to theirs, and to meet and chronicle the

plethora of fine painters, printmakers, sculptors, photographers, and video

artists who passed through Woodstock or made the place their home."

From time to time Learning Woodstock Art Colony will highlight Mikhail's important

writing on the Woodstock art scene. Here follows a profile of the late African American painter Ernest Frazier that was published in the Daily Freeman on August 24, 1984. Later this week I'll publish a piece celebrating the work of Norma Morgan, who along with Frazier, was one of the few African American artists active in the colony.

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When we opened the Kleinert/James Ats Center in Woodstock in 1996, I chose an Earnest Frazier show for the walls and a Peter Serkin concert on the piano. Both friends; both gone; both giants in their field...and both missed greatly.

-Doug James

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